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DROPS Community Progress was founded in 2005 as a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation. Our aim is to support youth at risk in Lebanon – Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians alike – to take responsibility for their personal and professional development and to promote positive changes in their lives and for their respective communities. DROPS Community Progress consists of two sub-organisations, which closely cooperate on a strategic and operational level: DROPS Switzerland and DROPS Lebanon, each registered under their respective national laws.

DROPS Lebanon is the main implementer of the DROPS program and works in the field, so far in and around the Palestinian camps of Beddawi and Nahr al Bared located near Tripoli in North Lebanon. DROPS Switzerland supports DROPS Lebanon with fundraising and donor communications, capacity building, reporting, accounting, monitoring and evaluations.


Ayman Hafiz

General Director

Ayman is a founding member of DROPS Community Progress and the organisation’s general director since 2005. As a resident of the Baddawi area and an experienced coordinator, manager and technical consultant, he holds the reigns of DROPS Lebanon. Together with his dedicated team, he safely leads DROPS through turbulent times for the benefit of the local community. Communications are conducted through monthly Skype meetings with the Swiss team.

Fawaz Al Bassoumi

Team Leader

Fawaz's first experience with DROPS started in 2006, when he volunteered in the food distribution program during the war. He was later employed as field monitor since 2010 and became a team leader in 2018. His knowledge in a wide range of professions and his extensive field experience working with juniors made him the right person to take this position.

Mohamad Rabei

Monitor for Nahr El Bared area


Mohammad joined DROPS in 2014 as a monitor responsible for activities in Nahr El Bared and the juniors selection process. He is responsible for the juniors follow-up, as well as their daily presence at workplaces and training sessions.

Aysha Ali Khouja

Monitor for Tripoli area

Aysha joined DROPS in 2019 as a monitor responsible for Tripoli class; she works with and follows juniors in three major areas fully inhabited by Lebanese citizens. Her experience in working with abused and discriminated children makes her a knowledgeable candidate to fulfill for her mission with DROPS.

Amina Saad



Amina joined DROPS in 2016 as a part-time accountant. Her education and dedication to the tasks prepares her to take over full-time responsibilities in accounting, administration and coordination tasks as of 2020.

Sara Al Ali

Monitor for Baddawi area

Sara joined DROPS in 2014 as a monitor in Baddawi and Nahr El Bared for the female juniors. She follows the progress of our participants in the field with experience and high motivation, and is beloved by all of the juniors.


Lea Zanola


Lea took over the presidency from DROPS' co-founder Sibylle Stamm in late 2015. She joined the organization in February 2010 and spent two months in Baddawi area to establish a baseline study for our Junior Professional Program and was directly involved in the project design. As a professional in international cooperation, she has worked for the Swiss government and the UN, and contributes to DROPS’ advancement with her expertise in project management, youth employment and skills development.

Lora Slovak

Coordination and Finance

Lora takes care of DROPS’ coordination, administration and finances since 2010 in Switzerland with commitment and passion. She holds a Masters of International Relations from the University of Sofia and a Masters of European Studies from the University of Hanover. Inspired by her work at DROPS, she decided to further specialize in civilian peace building with a focus in the Middle East.

Aziz Keyrouz

Board Member

Aziz emigrated to Switzerland in 1994 and completed his training as a supervisor/ coach BSO in 2013. Since 2016, he obtained an MAS in "Nonprofit and Public Management" at the University of Applied Sciences in Olten. As a native Lebanese, he understands the cultural, political and religious complexities that characterize the situation in Lebanon and its interaction in Lebanese society. With Arabic as his mother tongue, he facilitates direct and open contact to his compatriots. He is a board member since May 2018.

Beatrice Stauffer

Board Member

Beatrice joined the DROPS board in late 2015 and is our Arabic speaker and education specialist. She holds a MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Geneva and worked in Abu Dhabi at the International Book Fair. She was responsible for building market intelligence on educational policies and their development throughout the MENA region. Currently, Beatrice is based in Germany, where she works for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Candace Chow

Board Member

Candace joined the DROPS board in autumn 2015. She has a background in natural hazards management, with research interest in risk mitigation and experience working in operational environments. She takes care of our IT-related issues and provides support with the pilot monitoring initiative, in addition to print and online communications.

Lisa Marti

Board Member

Lisa joined the DROPS board in spring 2018. She finished her Bachelor in Social Sciences and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Bern and has begun a Master in Changing Societies (Migration - Conflicts - Resources) at the University of Basel. Having co-founded the refugee project voCHabular in Switzerland, she brings in project management and fundraising experiences. She supports DROPS by sharing and implementing sustainable financing concepts and new project structures.

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